Pia's buying guides have been created with you in mind to provide all the information you may need before making your special purchase.

Gemstone Guide

Pia's Gemstone Guide is designed to help you learn more about the properties of gemstones found in our jewellery.

Each naturally sourced gemstone is unique in colour and clarity making your stone unique.

You can find information about gemstones here.

Mohs Scale

The Mohs scale is a scale of hardness used to classify stones and minerals.

It helps to identify how strong and durable each gemstone is.

Click here to view our tailored Mohs scale to show the gemstones you'll find in our jewellery.



Hallmarks are a mark stamped onto precious metals to identify them and certify their level of purity.

These distinctive characters identify the metal type, the metal purity, the jewellery maker and the hallmark office the item was marked at.

To find out more about Hallmarks, click here


Necklace Size Guide

Our necklace size guide is uniquely created to show you where a necklace will sit when wearing.

Simply look at the necklace length in the product description and match it to the length in the size guide to give an indication of where this will sit on you.

Click here to view our necklace size guide.


Ring Size Guides

If you are unsure which ring size to order, use our printable ring size guide to easily discover your ring size. If you have a ring you currently wear or are searching for a ring as a gift, use our 'measuring my ring' guide to find out the size of that ring.

To view our ring size guides, click here.


Watch Buying Guide

Here you will find information about guarantees, what water resistance means and what type of movement our watches use.

Find more watch information here.