Thank you for making your special purchase with Pia Jewellery. Our aftercare guide will help you take care of your products.

Caring for your Gemstones

All gemstones have different care needs to keep them looking their best.

Use our guide to help clean and protect them so you can continue to enjoy wearing your piece.

You can find information about caring for and cleaning your gemstones here.


Caring for your jewellery

Our jewellery care guide will help you understand the best ways to wear, clean and store your jewellery to keep your pieces looking their best.

To find out how to look after your jewellery, click here.


Watch aftercare

Our watch care guide will show you how to use, clean and store your watch to extend its life.

Click here to read our watch care tips and tricks.


Caring for Bags

Your handbag is a key element of your style. Use our cleaning and storage tips to keep them looking their best.

Click here to find out how to look after your leather, vegan-leather and suede bags.