We know how much a gorgeous bag means to you from functional favourites like cross-body bags to sophisticated silhouettes. Here at Pia we take pride in the quality our handbags so to keep them looking their best, read below what you can do at home to make sure they last with style.

Storing your bags

It is best to keep your bag in the dust bag when you aren't using it as this will help keep it clean and protect it. If your bag has a detachable strap, you should keep this in the dust bag when you are not using it.

Avoid storing any bags in direct sunlight as this can discolour the material. To maintain the silhouette of your bag, use scrunched up paper or bubble wrap to stuff inside. Be careful not to overstuff as this will stretch the material. Avoid using newspaper as the ink can transfer to the lining.

How to clean your leather and vegan-leather bags

Where possible it is best to spot clean any dirt or debris with a dry cloth.

To restore any scratches or scuffs, you will need 3 soft cloths. Run a bowl of warm water with a small amount of mild soap and dip the first soft cloth in. Ring out the cloth so it is damp and rub over the area that is scratched. Using the second cloth, dampen with clean warm water (without any soap) and wipe over the area you have just cleaned to remove the soapy residue. With the third cloth, pat dry the area to remove any moisture.

Avoid submerging leather as this can dry out the material and distort the shape of the bag.

How to clean suede bags

Suede is difficult to clean as it is very absorbent so can easily stain, even by using water.

Use a suede brush to gently remove any dirt or fibres that are clinging to the suede. Brush the suede following the grain of the fabric, or with a heavy stain lightly brush back and forth over the affected area.

If the suede does get wet, quickly dry as much of the wet area using a soft cloth or towel by lightly dabbing; try to avoid rubbing as this can affect the look of the suede. Brush the suede and apply low heat to the area whilst brushing. Continue to brush until dry to reduce the appearance of the water stain.