All our watches arrive in a bespoke box including a guarantee for your peace of mind.

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Watch Guarantee

The movement of your watch is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase. The guarantee excludes ill-treatment and does not cover the strap, glass or battery, or any damage caused by accident or carelessness. Your watch is designed to withstand accidental splashing; water damage is not covered by this guarantee.

Water Resistance

The water resistance of a watch advises you when you should and shouldn't wear a watch in water. Our watches are splash proof so we do not recommend submerging them in water; it is important to remove your watch before any water activity including swimming and showering. You should also remove your watch if you are using a sauna or steam room.

If your watch does get wet, water can get inside affecting the mechanics of the watch. You should leave the watch to dry and check for any condensation on the face of the watch. If condensation appears, there is water inside the watch. If this is the case we would advise you to take the watch to a jewellers to see if it can be repaired.

Please note, your guarantee does not cover water damage.

quartz movement

The quartz movement is a common movement used in all our watches. The movement uses a battery to send electrical signals to a quartz crystal which causes the quartz to vibrate. The constant vibrations make the movement oscillate, powering the motor that moves the hands to tell the time. If your battery stops working, the vibrations in the quartz stop which stops the movements of the hands. Keep your watch working at its best by ensuring the magnetic clasp does not rest on the case while you are not wearing your watch as the magnetic force may damage the movement.

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