Understanding the strength and durability of a stone is important when buying a piece of jewellery, as it allows you to know when and how you should wear it. You can find out the best way to care for your gemstones in our Gemstone Care Guide.

The Mohs Scale is designed to rank the hardness of a mineral or gemstone from 1-10, with 1 being very soft and 10 being hard. Diamond is the hardest stone you can find, with a hardness of 10; it is therefore very durable and can be worn for almost any occasion without risk of damage. Slightly softer stones, such as amethyst rank at 7 on the scale, meaning they are still hard and durable for everyday wear. Very soft stones like pearl rank much lower on the scale at about 2.5; they are much more susceptible to damage, meaning you must take care of them when wearing and storing them.

Below is Pia's Mohs Scale, designed to show you the hardness of stones you will find in our jewellery.

For all gemstones, no matter the hardness, we would always advise to wear your jewellery with care, make sure it is the last item you put on when getting dressed and store it in a jewellery box.