How to set the time

To set your watch, you need to gently pull the crown out where you will feel it click into position 1. Twist the crown to move the hands of the watch and keep twisting until the time is correct. Push the crown back into the watch to start the movement. It is important to keep the crown pushed in when in storage to stop any water or dust entering the inside of the watch as this will harm the mechanism.

How to clean your watch

If you get any dirt around the face of the watch, use a soft lint free cloth to gently wipe away any debris. Dirt can gather around the back of the watch, if a cloth can't remove this then try using a damp cotton bud to reach smaller areas. Never submerge the watch into water to clean as this can damage the movement. It is best to avoid cleaning products as these can be abrasive towards the materials used in your watch and can damage or change the appearance of the watch.

Cleaning leather Watch Straps

It's not recommended to immerse leather in water as this can damage the leather and dry out the strap. We would recommend wiping away any dirt with a soft cloth or spot cleaning marks with a damp cloth when necessary.

Cleaning metal Watch Straps

To clean a stainless steel strap, use a damp cloth or cotton bud to remove any dirt or debris but do not submerge the watch in water.

If your watch has a plated metal strap, use a dry soft cloth to remove any debris. Using a damp cloth or any cleaning products can damage plated metals by eroding the plating and changing the colour.

How to store your watch

Your watch will be delivered in a watch box; we would recommend storing your watch in the box when you are not wearing it to prevent any damage. Try to keep your watch in a cool, dry place and avoid leaving your watch in direct sunlight, as this can cause discolouration to the strap and can reduce the life of the battery.

How to change your battery

We always advise to take your watch to a jeweller and never recommend changing a battery yourself. When you open the case of your watch, you risk dust, debris and water entering which can cause damage to the internal parts of the watch. It is also vital to ensure the watch case is put back on correctly otherwise the face of the watch will begin to gather condensation, making it difficult to read the time, and could cause damage to the mechanism of the watch.

Faulty watches

The movement of your watch is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase. The guarantee excludes ill-treatment and does not cover the strap, glass or battery, or any damage caused by accident or carelessness. Your watch is designed to withstand accidental splashing; water damage is not covered by this guarantee. If your watch is faulty within the guarantee period then please call customer services on 0333 240 6236 or email to organise a repair or replacement. Please ensure your watch is securely packed for returning. It is important to obtain proof of postage from your Post Office when you return your parcel to us.