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Night Music Necklace Night Music Necklace  In stock £35
Along The River Necklace Along The River Necklace  In stock £75
Rosewater Crystal Necklace Rosewater Crystal Necklace  In stock £35
Sunlit Path Shell Necklace Sunlit Path Shell Necklace  In stock £40
Moonlit Moonstone Lariat Necklace Moonlit Moonstone Lariat Necklace  In stock £70
Zaria Onyx Necklace Zaria Onyx Necklace   Last few remaining £70
Shoreline Serenity Murano Necklace Shoreline Serenity Murano Necklace  In stock £125
Promised Land Necklace Promised Land Necklace  In stock £65
Earth Angel Necklace Earth Angel Necklace  In stock £115
True to Form Silver Necklace True to Form Silver Necklace  In stock £250
Twinkling Trail Necklace Twinkling Trail Necklace Pre-Order £25
Pastel Pursuit Necklace Pastel Pursuit Necklace  In stock £40
Misty Mountains Necklace Misty Mountains Necklace   Last few remaining £30
Florentine Flame Crystal Necklace Florentine Flame Crystal Necklace  In stock £35
46cm Silver Chain 46cm Silver Chain  In stock £15
Iridescent Enigma Crystal Necklace Iridescent Enigma Crystal Necklace  In stock £50
74cm Silver Chain 74cm Silver Chain  In stock £25
Into The Blue Necklace Into The Blue Necklace  In stock £35
Mandarin Mod Necklace Mandarin Mod Necklace  In stock £45
Silver & Pearl Necklace Silver & Pearl Necklace  In stock £60
Wildest Dreams Necklace Wildest Dreams Necklace  In stock £40
Turquoise Hot House Bloom Necklace Turquoise Hot House Bloom Necklace  In stock £25
Call Of The Wild Necklace Call Of The Wild Necklace  In stock £35
In The Mood For Mod Necklace In The Mood For Mod Necklace  In stock £35
Moroccan Mirage Necklace Moroccan Mirage Necklace  In stock £35
Chasing Tides Necklace Chasing Tides Necklace  In stock £45
Treasure Island Necklace Treasure Island Necklace Pre-Order £70
Age of Elegance Crystal Necklace Age of Elegance Crystal Necklace  In stock £40
Chase the Sun Necklace Chase the Sun Necklace  In stock £40
Seaside Soirée Necklace Seaside Soirée Necklace  In stock £60
Summer Sorbet Necklace Summer Sorbet Necklace  In stock £30
Peach Fizz Necklace Peach Fizz Necklace  In stock £40
Glowing Embers Necklace Glowing Embers Necklace  In stock £45
Perfectly Peacock Necklace Perfectly Peacock Necklace  In stock £75
Rose Interlude Necklace Rose Interlude Necklace  In stock £80
Boundless Beauty 9ct Gold Necklace Boundless Beauty 9ct Gold Necklace Pre-Order £250
Forest Green Modernista Necklace Forest Green Modernista Necklace  In stock £30
Glacier Grey Necklace Glacier Grey Necklace   Last few remaining £30
Siren Song Necklace Siren Song Necklace  In stock £50
Sorrento Sunset Necklace Sorrento Sunset Necklace  In stock £90
Sunset Shore Necklace Sunset Shore Necklace  In stock £50
No Shrinking Violet Necklace No Shrinking Violet Necklace  In stock £55
Sea of Fortune Pearl Necklace Sea of Fortune Pearl Necklace   Last few remaining £140
Pure Spirit Silver Necklace Pure Spirit Silver Necklace   Last few remaining £195
Bloom Eternal Necklace Bloom Eternal Necklace  In stock £30
Bloom Forever Necklace Bloom Forever Necklace  In stock £30
Blue Nile Necklace Blue Nile Necklace  In stock £40
Golden Hour Necklace Golden Hour Necklace  In stock £65