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Frozen Sparkle Snowflake Necklace NEWICON Frozen Sparkle Snowflake Necklace  In stock £30
Bewitching Bliss Crystal Necklace NEWICON Bewitching Bliss Crystal Necklace  In stock £40
From Leaf to Leaf Shell Necklace NEWICON From Leaf to Leaf Shell Necklace  In stock £32
Finishing Touch Collar Necklace NEWICON Finishing Touch Collar Necklace Pre-Order £45
Silver Solace Necklace NEWICON Silver Solace Necklace  In stock £115
Disco Divine Crystal Necklace NEWICON Disco Divine Crystal Necklace  In stock £45
Night Watch Owl Pendant ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Night Watch Owl Pendant  In stock £12
Twinkling Trail Necklace Twinkling Trail Necklace  In stock £25
Better in Blue Necklace NEWICON Better in Blue Necklace Pre-Order £35
Rhyme & Reason Shell Necklace Rhyme & Reason Shell Necklace   Last few remaining £35
Abundant Joy Murano Necklace NEWICON Abundant Joy Murano Necklace  In stock £75
Good Karma Agate Necklace NEWICON Good Karma Agate Necklace  In stock £40
Intrigue in Orchid Shell Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Intrigue in Orchid Shell Necklace  In stock £45
Leading Lady Crystal Necklace NEWICON Leading Lady Crystal Necklace  In stock £32
Wildest Dreams Necklace Wildest Dreams Necklace Pre-Order £40
Beyond the Blue Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Beyond the Blue Necklace  In stock £35
Inner Grace Pearl Necklace Inner Grace Pearl Necklace  In stock £85
Virtuous Vines Shell Necklace NEWICON Virtuous Vines Shell Necklace  In stock £35
Berry Sorbet Shell Necklace HPOICON Berry Sorbet Shell Necklace  In stock £45
Iridescent Enigma Crystal Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Iridescent Enigma Crystal Necklace  In stock £50
First Waltz Necklace First Waltz Necklace  In stock £35
Sienna Blooms Necklace NEWICON Sienna Blooms Necklace  In stock £35
Go for Green Necklace Go for Green Necklace  In stock £38
Seafoam Shell Necklace NEWICON Seafoam Shell Necklace  In stock £38