Make a statement with one of our necklaces from the Pia collection. Find the perfect necklace for any occasion – choose from fine 9ct gold and sterling silver necklaces, through endless styles with semi-precious stones, to striking investment pieces that you'll keep forever. Indulge yourself and shop our range below.
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Bloom Forever Necklace NEWICON Bloom Forever Necklace £30
Call Of The Wild Necklace NEWICON Call Of The Wild Necklace £35
Into The Blue Necklace NEWICON Into The Blue Necklace £35
Pebbled Shores Necklace NEWICON Pebbled Shores Necklace £35
Chase the Sun Necklace NEWICON Chase the Sun Necklace £40
Midnight Rose Necklace NEWICON Midnight Rose Necklace £40
Chasing Tides Necklace NEWICON Chasing Tides Necklace £45
Free Spirit Necklace NEWICON Free Spirit Necklace £45
Glowing Embers Necklace NEWICON Glowing Embers Necklace £45
Mandarin Mod Necklace NEWICON Mandarin Mod Necklace £45
Pearls At Twilight Necklace NEWICON Pearls At Twilight Necklace £55
Mariner's Tale Necklace NEWICON Mariner's Tale Necklace £65
Rose Reflections Necklace NEWICON Rose Reflections Necklace £80
Peony Blooms Necklace NEWICON Peony Blooms Necklace £85
A Fine Romance Necklace NEWICON A Fine Romance Necklace £95
46cm Rose Gold Chain 46cm Rose Gold Chain £15
46cm Silver Chain 46cm Silver Chain £15
Shining Light Necklace Shining Light Necklace £35 £20
Dew Drops Pearl & Silver Necklace Dew Drops Pearl & Silver Necklace £45 £25
Baroque Pearl Necklace Baroque Pearl Necklace £30
Jet Cluster Necklace Jet Cluster Necklace £30
Magic & Mystery Necklace Magic & Mystery Necklace £60 £30
Riverbed Agate Necklace Riverbed Agate Necklace £45 £30
Florentine Flame Crystal Necklace Florentine Flame Crystal Necklace £35

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