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An attractive necklace can really draw an outfit together and here you can find a range of necklaces, pendants and charms, all lovingly curated by Pia. With a variety of unique pieces available, you can really emphasise your creativity and personality when you add one of our contemporary classics to your outfit. Our jewellery includes gold, silver and vibrant gemstones, as well as traditional and bohemian options, so you're certain to find a piece that catches your eye. Why not take a look at our refined collection of necklaces and pendants below?

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Ripple Effect Pendant NEWICON Ripple Effect Pendant  In stock £25
Calla Pearl Pendant NEWICON Calla Pearl Pendant  In stock £28
Small Wonder Turquoise Pendant NEWICON Small Wonder Turquoise Pendant  In stock £28
Sacred Seven Silver Necklace NEWICON Sacred Seven Silver Necklace  In stock £30
Walking in Sunshine Necklace NEWICON Walking in Sunshine Necklace  In stock £30
Flock Together Feather Pendant NEWICON Flock Together Feather Pendant  In stock £35
Let the Sun Shine Necklace NEWICON Let the Sun Shine Necklace  In stock £40
Dock of the Bay Shell Necklace NEWICON Dock of the Bay Shell Necklace  In stock £45
Fira Freshwater Pearl Necklace NEWICON Fira Freshwater Pearl Necklace  In stock £50
Gentle Soul Mother-of-Pearl Necklace NEWICON Gentle Soul Mother-of-Pearl Necklace  In stock £75
Thera Layered Necklace NEWICON Thera Layered Necklace  In stock £75
Simple Serenity Pearl Necklace NEWICON Simple Serenity Pearl Necklace  In stock £80
Syncopated Melody Necklace NEWICON Syncopated Melody Necklace  In stock £90
Rhyme & Reason Shell Necklace NEWICON Rhyme & Reason Shell Necklace  In stock £35
Bold Statement Necklace NEWICON Bold Statement Necklace  In stock £30
What Fortune Brings Necklace NEWICON What Fortune Brings Necklace  In stock £30
Bee With You Silver Pendant NEWICON Bee With You Silver Pendant  In stock £20
Circles In The Sand Necklace NEWICON Circles In The Sand Necklace  In stock £30
Inner Grace Pearl Necklace NEWICON Inner Grace Pearl Necklace Pre-Order £85
Glittering Dewdrop Pendant NEWICON Glittering Dewdrop Pendant  In stock £25
Infinite Harmony Mandala Pendant NEWICON Infinite Harmony Mandala Pendant  In stock £25
Tidelines Shell Necklace NEWICON Tidelines Shell Necklace  In stock £30
Orchids in the Moonlight Necklace NEWICON Orchids in the Moonlight Necklace  In stock £35
Opposites Attract Necklace NEWICON Opposites Attract Necklace  In stock £40

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