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An attractive necklace can really draw an outfit together and here you can find a range of necklaces, pendants and charms, all lovingly curated by Pia. With a variety of unique pieces available, you can really emphasise your creativity and personality when you add one of our contemporary classics to your outfit. Our jewellery includes gold, silver and vibrant gemstones, as well as traditional and bohemian options, so you're certain to find a piece that catches your eye. Why not take a look at our refined collection of necklaces and pendants below?

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Turquoise Hot House Bloom Necklace NEWICON Turquoise Hot House Bloom Necklace £25
Elemental Gems Pendant NEWICON Elemental Gems Pendant £135
Bloom Forever Necklace NEWICON Bloom Forever Necklace £30
Golden Sails Pendant NEWICON Golden Sails Pendant £35
Tides Treasure Pendant NEWICON Tides Treasure Pendant £45
Gilded Chimes Pendant NEWICON Gilded Chimes Pendant £50
Sunset Shore Necklace NEWICON Sunset Shore Necklace £50
Easy Effervescence Pendant NEWICON Easy Effervescence Pendant £55
Tranquil Talisman Elephant Pendant NEWICON Tranquil Talisman Elephant Pendant £20
Inner Calm Pendant NEWICON Inner Calm Pendant £25
Twilight Tales Pendant NEWICON Twilight Tales Pendant £25
Opal Pools Pendant NEWICON Opal Pools Pendant £28
Gossamer Glow Pendant NEWICON Gossamer Glow Pendant £30
Misty Mountains Necklace NEWICON Misty Mountains Necklace £30
Pearl Swirl Pendant NEWICON Pearl Swirl Pendant £30
Pools of Tranquillity Necklace NEWICON Pools of Tranquillity Necklace £30
Whirl of Pearl Pendant NEWICON Whirl of Pearl Pendant £30
Call Of The Wild Necklace NEWICON Call Of The Wild Necklace £35
Citrus Groves Necklace NEWICON Citrus Groves Necklace £35
Into The Blue Necklace NEWICON Into The Blue Necklace £35
Moroccan Mirage Necklace NEWICON Moroccan Mirage Necklace £35
Ocean Depths Pendant NEWICON Ocean Depths Pendant £35
Ocean Dweller Pendant NEWICON Ocean Dweller Pendant £35
Pebbled Shores Necklace NEWICON Pebbled Shores Necklace £35

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