If you are looking for a new piece of jewellery which will provide your wardrobe with an instant lift, the Pia pendant collection is ideal. There is something for everyone, from beautifully crafted gold pendants with semi-precious stones to personalised pieces which have been individually inspired by nature.

Why not celebrate a birthday with a birth stone pendant which can be paired with earrings. Whatever piece you are searching for our stylish pendant collection will celebrate your individual style.
71 items
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Golden Sails Pendant NEWICON Golden Sails Pendant £35
Tides Treasure Pendant NEWICON Tides Treasure Pendant £45
Easy Effervescence Pendant NEWICON Easy Effervescence Pendant £55
Elemental Gems Pendant NEWICON Elemental Gems Pendant £135
Wild Blooms Pendant NEWICON Wild Blooms Pendant £15
Inner Calm Pendant NEWICON Inner Calm Pendant £25
Twilight Tales Pendant NEWICON Twilight Tales Pendant £25
Gossamer Glow Pendant NEWICON Gossamer Glow Pendant £30
Wistful Windfall Pendant NEWICON Wistful Windfall Pendant £35
A New Leaf Silver Set NEWICON A New Leaf Silver Set £40
Changing Seasons Pendant NEWICON Changing Seasons Pendant £40
Inner Radiance Pendant NEWICON Inner Radiance Pendant £40
Silver Rain Pendant NEWICON Silver Rain Pendant £40
Sweet Pea Pendant NEWICON Sweet Pea Pendant £40
Tales of Wisdom Pendant NEWICON Tales of Wisdom Pendant £40
Honeyed Embers Pendant NEWICON Honeyed Embers Pendant £45
Dream Catcher Pendant NEWICON Dream Catcher Pendant £50
Gilded Chimes Pendant NEWICON Gilded Chimes Pendant £50
Filigree Blossom Pendant NEWICON Filigree Blossom Pendant £55
First Creation Pendant NEWICON First Creation Pendant £55
Mojave Dawn Pendant NEWICON Mojave Dawn Pendant £55
Tidal Pool Pendant NEWICON Tidal Pool Pendant £55
Spirited Soul Opal and Diamond Pendant NEWICON Spirited Soul Opal and Diamond Pendant £135
Sweet Nothings Pendant NEWICON Sweet Nothings Pendant £195

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