Gold Necklaces & Pendants

Add a classic 9ct gold necklace to your collection – here at Pia we have something to suit every style. From simple gold chains and elegant pendants, to stunning gold and gemstone necklaces – discover a gold necklace that you will love forever. Searching for the perfect gift? Get her a beautiful matching gold necklace and earrings set.
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On Gilded Wings Dragonfly Pendant NEWICON On Gilded Wings Dragonfly Pendant  In stock £175
Wildest Dreams Necklace Wildest Dreams Necklace  In stock £40
9ct Gold Extension Chain 9ct Gold Extension Chain  In stock £15
Chromatic Harmony Crystal Necklace Chromatic Harmony Crystal Necklace  In stock £35
Vivacious Violet Crystal Necklace Vivacious Violet Crystal Necklace  In stock £35
Shall We Dance Necklace Shall We Dance Necklace  In stock £40
Heavenly Hues Pendant Heavenly Hues Pendant  In stock £40
Come Full Circle Necklace Come Full Circle Necklace   Last few remaining £55
Golden Geometry Pendant Golden Geometry Pendant   Last few remaining £35
Gold Tree Of Life Pendant Gold Tree Of Life Pendant  In stock £130
Veiled Rose Pearl Necklace Veiled Rose Pearl Necklace   Last few remaining £110
Queen Of The Desert Necklace Queen Of The Desert Necklace  In stock £120
Treasured Trinity Silver Necklace Treasured Trinity Silver Necklace   Last few remaining £70
Sweet Nothings Pendant Sweet Nothings Pendant   Last few remaining £195
Golden Sails Pendant Golden Sails Pendant  In stock £35
Rose Interlude Necklace Rose Interlude Necklace  In stock £80
Santorini Seas 9ct Gold Pendant Santorini Seas 9ct Gold Pendant   Last few remaining £140
Heirloom Elegance Agate Necklace Heirloom Elegance Agate Necklace   Last few remaining £80
Twilight Trail Necklace Twilight Trail Necklace  In stock £135
Celestial Circle Sapphire  Pendant Celestial Circle Sapphire Pendant   Last few remaining £150
Boundless Beauty 9ct Gold Necklace Boundless Beauty 9ct Gold Necklace  In stock £250
Amethyst & Diamond Pendant Amethyst & Diamond Pendant  In stock £85
Gold & Blue Topaz Pendant Gold & Blue Topaz Pendant  In stock £90
Garnet Droplet Pendant Garnet Droplet Pendant  In stock £95

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