Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are extremely popular and you can discover a wide range of quality necklaces here, all crafted and designed by Pia, with numerous styles and designs to select from to accommodate any outfit you choose. Whatever the occasion, here at Pia we have the perfect statement jewellery for you.
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Spirit Of The Sea Necklace NEWICON Spirit Of The Sea Necklace £85
Cloud Gazer Necklace NEWICON Cloud Gazer Necklace £40
Peach Fizz Necklace NEWICON Peach Fizz Necklace £40
Tale As Old As Time Necklace SALE40 Tale As Old As Time Necklace £80 £45
Pools of Tranquillity Necklace SALE30 Pools of Tranquillity Necklace £30 £20
Citrus Groves Necklace Citrus Groves Necklace £35
Queen Of The Desert Necklace SALE50 Queen Of The Desert Necklace £120 £60
Florentine Flame Crystal Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Florentine Flame Crystal Necklace £35
Midnight Blue Crystal Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Midnight Blue Crystal Necklace £35
Come Full Circle Necklace Come Full Circle Necklace £55
Moroccan Mint Necklace Moroccan Mint Necklace £65
Stranded Silver Necklace Stranded Silver Necklace £100
New Modernity Necklace SALE70 New Modernity Necklace £95 £28
Blue Nile Necklace Blue Nile Necklace £40
Majorelle Gardens Necklace SALE30 Majorelle Gardens Necklace £75 £50
Down the Garden Path Necklace SALE30 Down the Garden Path Necklace £85 £55
Raspberry Ripple Necklace SALE30 Raspberry Ripple Necklace £80 £55
Spice of Life Necklace SALE30 Spice of Life Necklace £110 £75
No Shrinking Violet Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE No Shrinking Violet Necklace £55
Nocturne Necklace Nocturne Necklace £70
Path Well Travelled Necklace SALE40 Path Well Travelled Necklace £240 £140

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