Pure silver would be a soft metal, far too soft to be made into silver jewellery that could withstand daily wear and tear. Therefore, most silver jewellery comprises sterling silver, an alloy of silver, strengthened by other metals.
The standard sterling silver (925) alloy is a reference to it’s composition; 925 parts per thousand silver, 75 parts per thousand other metals (usually copper). This recipe enables beautiful silver jewellery pieces to be created without losing any of their splendour.
Air, perfume, chlorinated or salt water and household cleaning products can all damage or tarnish your silver jewellery.

Caring for your silver jewellery

Silver jewellery can be cleaned simply by polishing it with a soft cotton cloth, which may be impregnated with a silver cleaner and anti-tarnish agent for greater effect, although care should be taken if delicate gemstones are also featured.