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An attractive necklace can really draw an outfit together and here you can find a range of necklaces, pendants and charms, all lovingly curated by Pia. With a variety of unique pieces available, you can really emphasise your creativity and personality when you add one of our contemporary classics to your outfit. Our jewellery includes gold, silver and vibrant gemstones, as well as traditional and bohemian options, so you're certain to find a piece that catches your eye. Why not take a look at our refined collection of necklaces and pendants below?

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Midnight Blue Crystal Necklace Midnight Blue Crystal Necklace £35
Moroccan Mirage Necklace Moroccan Mirage Necklace £35
New Revolution Pendant New Revolution Pendant £35
Ocean Dweller Pendant Ocean Dweller Pendant £35
Pebbled Shores Necklace Pebbled Shores Necklace £35
Riviera Necklace Riviera Necklace £35
Seeing Double Silver Pendant Seeing Double Silver Pendant £35
Silver Daisy Pendant Silver Daisy Pendant £35
Unlock Your Potential Pendant Unlock Your Potential Pendant £35
A New Leaf Silver Set A New Leaf Silver Set £40
Amber Cat Pendant Amber Cat Pendant £40
Angelic Halo Pearl Pendant Angelic Halo Pearl Pendant £40
Blue Nile Necklace Blue Nile Necklace £40
Changing Seasons Pendant Changing Seasons Pendant £40
Cognac Curl Pendant Cognac Curl Pendant £40
Colours of Autumn Necklace Colours of Autumn Necklace £40
Head in the Cloud Necklace Head in the Cloud Necklace £40
Majestic Depths Sapphire Pendant Majestic Depths Sapphire Pendant £40
Midnight Rose Necklace Midnight Rose Necklace £40
Soul Sisters Pendant Soul Sisters Pendant £40
Sweet Pea Pendant Sweet Pea Pendant £40
Tales of Wisdom Pendant Tales of Wisdom Pendant £40
Chasing Tides Necklace Chasing Tides Necklace £45
Free Spirit Necklace Free Spirit Necklace £45
Glowing Embers Necklace Glowing Embers Necklace £45
Harvest Moon Amber Pendant Harvest Moon Amber Pendant £45
Honeyed Embers Pendant Honeyed Embers Pendant £45
Jasper & Rose Quartz Necklace Jasper & Rose Quartz Necklace £45
Mandarin Mod Necklace Mandarin Mod Necklace £45
Moonlight Shadow Necklace Moonlight Shadow Necklace £45
Once in a Blue Moon Necklace Once in a Blue Moon Necklace £45
Three Sisters Pendant Three Sisters Pendant £45
Tides Treasure Pendant Tides Treasure Pendant £45
Toast of the Season Necklace Toast of the Season Necklace £45
Cherry Picked Necklace Cherry Picked Necklace £50
Dream Catcher Pendant Dream Catcher Pendant £50
Gilded Chimes Pendant Gilded Chimes Pendant £50
Glowing Forest Pendant Glowing Forest Pendant £50
Harvest Moon Necklace Harvest Moon Necklace £50
Kingfisher's Wing Pendant Kingfisher's Wing Pendant £50
Sunset Shore Necklace Sunset Shore Necklace £50
Wise Winds Pendant Wise Winds Pendant £50
Amethyst Blossom Tree Pendant Amethyst Blossom Tree Pendant £55
Come Full Circle Necklace Come Full Circle Necklace £55
Easy Effervescence Pendant Easy Effervescence Pendant £55
Elemental Elegance Necklace Elemental Elegance Necklace £55
Filigree Blossom Pendant Filigree Blossom Pendant £55
Mojave Dawn Pendant Mojave Dawn Pendant £55

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