Gold Jewellery

The Pia gold jewellery collection is individually handpicked from jewellers across the world, to ensure the pieces provide everything from contemporary classics to vibrant designs which guarantee to make a bold statement. The unique jewellery pieces include everything from gold earrings, necklaces and pendants to bracelets and rings.
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Mermaid's Tears Earrings NEWICON Mermaid's Tears Earrings £28
Siren Song Necklace NEWICON Siren Song Necklace £50
Sundance Silver Stud Earrings Sundance Silver Stud Earrings £40
Golden Reef Drop Earrings NEWICON Golden Reef Drop Earrings £45
Treasured Time Rose Watch NEWICON Treasured Time Rose Watch £45
Dream Catcher Pendant Dream Catcher Pendant £50
Rosy Riverbed Ring NEWICON Rosy Riverbed Ring £55
Gold Earring Backs Gold Earring Backs £12
Gold Extension Chain Gold Extension Chain £15
14mm Gold Hoops 14mm Gold Hoops £25
Perfect Union Drop Earrings Perfect Union Drop Earrings £35
Changing Seasons Pendant Changing Seasons Pendant £40
Daisy Chain Bracelet Daisy Chain Bracelet £40
Dream Catcher Drop Earrings Dream Catcher Drop Earrings £40
Earthly Elements Bangle Set Earthly Elements Bangle Set £40
Prince of Wales Chain Prince of Wales Chain £40
Crossing Streams Ring Crossing Streams Ring £45
Treasured Time Gilded Watch Treasured Time Gilded Watch £45
Filigree Blossom Stud Earrings Filigree Blossom Stud Earrings £50
Filigree Blossom Pendant Filigree Blossom Pendant £55
Moment by Moment Rose Watch Moment by Moment Rose Watch £55
Daisy Chain Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Daisy Chain Necklace £60
Elementary Ellipses Hoop Earrings Elementary Ellipses Hoop Earrings £60
Gold Button Stud Earrings Gold Button Stud Earrings £60

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