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In plain silver and gold, or set with gemstones, our extensive range of modern bracelets, bangles and cuffs encompasses every style, from understated and delicate, to bold and chunky. Browse our range of contemporary bracelets and fashionable bangles & cuffs.

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Moonlit Bracelet
Moonlit Bracelet £20.00 (7)
Woven Bracelet
Woven Bracelet £35.00 (0)
Love Knot Bangle
Love Knot Bangle £79.00 (1)
Rosy Posy Cuff
Rosy Posy Cuff £55.00 (1)
Silver Bead Cuff
Silver Bead Cuff £59.00 (1)
Woven Cuff
Woven Cuff £45.00 (0)
Waveform Cuff
Waveform Cuff £59.00 (1)
Rose Pink Bangle
Rose Pink Bangle £18.00 (0)
Sky Blue Bangle
Sky Blue Bangle £18.00 (0)
Starlight Bangle
Starlight Bangle £18.00 (0)
Orchid Bracelet
Orchid Bracelet £79.00 (0)
Songlines Bangle
Songlines Bangle £69.00 (23)
Opalite Bracelet
Opalite Bracelet £45.00 (0)
Silver Donut Cuff
Silver Donut Cuff £210.00 (0)
Love Bracelet
Love Bracelet £49.00 (0)
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