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Shop our latest contemporary twist on silver bracelets, bangles and cuffs. Take a look at our new additions of beautiful bracelets, for the season ahead, from a delicate silver bracelet to a colourful bangle. Shop now.
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Denim Days Slider Bracelet NEWICON Denim Days Slider Bracelet £25
Violet Vine Slider Bracelet NEWICON Violet Vine Slider Bracelet £25
Freshwater Pearl and Silver Slider Bracelet NEWICON Freshwater Pearl and Silver Slider Bracelet £35
Daisy Chain Bracelet NEWICON Daisy Chain Bracelet £40
Earthly Elements Bangle Set NEWICON Earthly Elements Bangle Set £40
Spring Meadow Bracelet NEWICON Spring Meadow Bracelet £50
Tides Treasure Bangle NEWICON Tides Treasure Bangle £50
Shining Crossroads Bangle NEWICON Shining Crossroads Bangle £55
Moroccan Trails Silver Bracelet NEWICON Moroccan Trails Silver Bracelet £60
Ocean Dweller Bracelet NEWICON Ocean Dweller Bracelet £75
Perfect Union Bracelet NEWICON Perfect Union Bracelet £80
Polished Pathways Bracelet NEWICON Polished Pathways Bracelet £80
Radiant Galaxy Bangle NEWICON Radiant Galaxy Bangle £100
Woven Path Silver Bracelet NEWICON Woven Path Silver Bracelet £25
Making Waves Bangle NEWICON Making Waves Bangle £30
Mythical Muse Bracelet NEWICON Mythical Muse Bracelet £30

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