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Amica Necklace SALE40 Amica Necklace £30 £18
Inner Calm Pendant SALE40 Inner Calm Pendant £25 £15
Kingfisher's Wing Pendant SALE50 Kingfisher's Wing Pendant £50 £25
Whirl of Pearl Pendant SALE40 Whirl of Pearl Pendant £30 £18
46cm Rose Gold Chain SALE60 46cm Rose Gold Chain £15 £5
Toast of the Season Necklace SALE60 Toast of the Season Necklace £45 £15
Ocean Depths Pendant SALE30 Ocean Depths Pendant £35 £22
Twilight Tales Pendant SALE40 Twilight Tales Pendant £25 £15
Pools of Tranquillity Necklace SALE30 Pools of Tranquillity Necklace £30 £20
Unlock Your Potential Pendant SALE30 Unlock Your Potential Pendant £35 £22
She Sells Seashells Pendant SALE40 She Sells Seashells Pendant £35 £18
Opal Pools Pendant SALE40 Opal Pools Pendant £28 £15
Modernista Necklace SALE30 Modernista Necklace £30 £20
Changing Seasons Pendant SALE40 Changing Seasons Pendant £40 £22
Glacial Peaks Pearl Necklace SALE30 Glacial Peaks Pearl Necklace £35 £22
Dream Catcher Pendant SALE40 Dream Catcher Pendant £50 £28
Initially Yours Silver Alphabet Charms SALE70 Initially Yours Silver Alphabet Charms £7 £0.99
Tears of Joy Pendant SALE50 Tears of Joy Pendant £30 £15
Amethyst Blossom Tree Pendant SALE40 Amethyst Blossom Tree Pendant £55 £28
In The Pink Necklace SALE50 In The Pink Necklace £75 £35
Pebbled Shores Necklace SALE30 Pebbled Shores Necklace £35 £22
Tales of Wisdom Pendant SALE30 Tales of Wisdom Pendant £40 £28
Whispering Winds Necklace SALE40 Whispering Winds Necklace £105 £60
Gossamer Glow Pendant SALE30 Gossamer Glow Pendant £30 £20

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