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Autumn Calling Leaf Brooch NEWICON Autumn Calling Leaf Brooch  In stock £18
Percy Penguin Enamelled Brooch NEWICON Percy Penguin Enamelled Brooch  In stock £15
Oh Mittens! Enamelled Brooch NEWICON Oh Mittens! Enamelled Brooch  In stock £15
Party Penguin Crystal Brooch NEWICON Party Penguin Crystal Brooch  In stock £18
Lovely Laurel Enamel Brooch NEWICON Lovely Laurel Enamel Brooch  In stock £18
Twinkle Toes Crystal Brooch NEWICON Twinkle Toes Crystal Brooch  In stock £20
Burnished Bee Crystal Brooch NEWICON Burnished Bee Crystal Brooch  In stock £30
Swan Song Crystal Brooch NEWICON Swan Song Crystal Brooch  In stock £18
Hovering Happiness Hummingbird Brooch NEWICON Hovering Happiness Hummingbird Brooch  In stock £20
Beautiful Beginnings Butterfly Brooch NEWICON Beautiful Beginnings Butterfly Brooch  In stock £35
Flight of Fortune Crystal Crane Brooch NEWICON Flight of Fortune Crystal Crane Brooch  In stock £18
Country Mouse Crystal Brooch NEWICON Country Mouse Crystal Brooch   Sold Out £15