Silver Rings

These pieces of jewellery may be small, but they also pack a big punch in terms of fashion - so, whether you're headed to an elegant ball or a day at the office, be sure to pick a silver ring that works well with your outfit. Our silver rings range from chunky to delicate and feature a variety of both modern and classic designs. What's more, many include semi-precious stones like amethyst, quartz and opalite for a bit of colour and sparkle.

Make sure you buy the correct ring size by checking our guide to ring sizes.
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Silver Elephant Ring
Silver Elephant Ring Buy Price £39.00  £22.00 (1)
Sparkling Wreath Ring
Sparkling Wreath Ring Buy Price £25.00  £15.00 (3)
Silver Ring of Light
Silver Ring of Light Buy Price £25.00  £10.00 (2)
Sweeping Statement Silver Band Ring
Sweeping Statement Silver Band Ring Buy Price £69.00  £35.00 (2)
Silver Strands Wide Ring
Silver Strands Wide Ring Buy Price £59.00  £22.00 (7)
Silver Criss-Cross Ring
Silver Criss-Cross Ring Buy Price £45.00  £22.50 (10)
Sparkling Enrapture Ring
Sparkling Enrapture Ring Buy Price £79.00  £39.50 (0)
Tectonic Touch Ring
Tectonic Touch Ring Buy Price £69.00  £40.00 (1)
Silver Follow Me Ring
Silver Follow Me Ring Buy Price £19.00  £10.00 (0)
Silver Broad Band Ring
Silver Broad Band Ring Buy Price £55.00  £25.00 (1)
Graduated Circle Ring
Graduated Circle Ring Buy Price £29.00  £12.00 (2)
End of the Line Ring
End of the Line Ring Buy Price £69.00  £32.00 (1)
Eternal Love Ring
Eternal Love Ring Buy Price £35.00  £20.00 (0)
Silver Elephant Spinning Ring
Silver Elephant Spinning Ring Buy Price £55.00  £30.00 (2)
Silver Wishbone Ring
Silver Wishbone Ring Buy Price £29.00  £18.00 (0)
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