Thoughtful Gifts

Our thoughtful gift edit proves that it’s the lovely little things that count. Each of these perfect pieces and keepsakes are under £30, with a story to tell for those who matter most. Choose from silver jewellery, trinket dishes, token pendants and unique gifts.
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Abalone Flower Stud Earrings Abalone Flower Stud Earrings  In stock £15
Twinkling Trail Necklace Twinkling Trail Necklace  In stock £25
Mother-of-Pearl Flower Stud Earrings Mother-of-Pearl Flower Stud Earrings  In stock £15
Starlight, Starbright Stud Earrings Starlight, Starbright Stud Earrings  In stock £15
Bee Inspired Gift Bee Inspired Gift  In stock £25
Starbright Trilogy Silver Bracelet Starbright Trilogy Silver Bracelet  In stock £20
Copper & Silver Fox Drop Earrings Copper & Silver Fox Drop Earrings  In stock £28
Cosy Cat Trinket Dish Cosy Cat Trinket Dish  In stock £15
Grow in Grace Silver & Rose Bracelet Grow in Grace Silver & Rose Bracelet  In stock £28
Curious Cats Ring Holders Curious Cats Ring Holders  In stock £18
Tree Of Life Silver Bracelet Tree Of Life Silver Bracelet  In stock £20
Glittering Grace Butterfly Brooch Glittering Grace Butterfly Brooch  In stock £20
Bee-dazzled Brooch Bee-dazzled Brooch  In stock £20
Feline Perfection Tea Cup Feline Perfection Tea Cup  In stock £20
Silver Tree Of Life Earrings Silver Tree Of Life Earrings  In stock £20
Feline Friends Earrings Feline Friends Earrings   Last few remaining £18
Heavenly Orbit Pendant Heavenly Orbit Pendant  In stock £28
Polished Duality Two-tone Bracelet Polished Duality Two-tone Bracelet   Last few remaining £28
Captured Blooms Watch Captured Blooms Watch  In stock £30
Endearing Elephants Ring Holders Endearing Elephants Ring Holders  In stock £18
Paws-and-Reflect Tea Cup Paws-and-Reflect Tea Cup  In stock £20
Tawny Twins Brooch Tawny Twins Brooch  In stock £22
Cat's Meow Brooch Cat's Meow Brooch  In stock £18
Perfectly Poised Tri-Tones Bracelet Perfectly Poised Tri-Tones Bracelet  In stock £28

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