New Necklaces & Pendants

Take a peek at the very latest necklaces and pendants from our new collection. Statement necklaces, pretty pendants, and pieces with gemstones and pearls offer endless ways to update and brighten your look.
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Moroccan Mirage Necklace NEWICON Moroccan Mirage Necklace £35
Raspberry Ripple Necklace NEWICON Raspberry Ripple Necklace £80
Tranquil Talisman Elephant Pendant NEWICON Tranquil Talisman Elephant Pendant £20
Inner Calm Pendant NEWICON Inner Calm Pendant £25
Twilight Tales Pendant NEWICON Twilight Tales Pendant £25
Opal Pools Pendant NEWICON Opal Pools Pendant £28
Bloom Forever Necklace NEWICON Bloom Forever Necklace £30
Gossamer Glow Pendant NEWICON Gossamer Glow Pendant £30
Misty Mountains Necklace NEWICON Misty Mountains Necklace £30
Pearl Swirl Pendant NEWICON Pearl Swirl Pendant £30
Pools of Tranquillity Necklace NEWICON Pools of Tranquillity Necklace £30
Whirl of Pearl Pendant NEWICON Whirl of Pearl Pendant £30
Call Of The Wild Necklace NEWICON Call Of The Wild Necklace £35
Citrus Groves Necklace NEWICON Citrus Groves Necklace £35
Into The Blue Necklace NEWICON Into The Blue Necklace £35
Ocean Depths Pendant NEWICON Ocean Depths Pendant £35
Ocean Dweller Pendant NEWICON Ocean Dweller Pendant £35
Pebbled Shores Necklace NEWICON Pebbled Shores Necklace £35
Seeing Double Silver Pendant NEWICON Seeing Double Silver Pendant £35
A New Leaf Silver Set NEWICON A New Leaf Silver Set £40
Changing Seasons Pendant NEWICON Changing Seasons Pendant £40
Chase the Sun Necklace NEWICON Chase the Sun Necklace £40
Inner Radiance Pendant NEWICON Inner Radiance Pendant £40
Midnight Rose Necklace NEWICON Midnight Rose Necklace £40

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