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Whatever the occasion, Pia has the perfect present! Our latest gift collection offers a host of new ideas, whether you’re buying for a wedding, a birthday, or just to say "I love you".
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Gabriella Hair Slides NEWICON Gabriella Hair Slides £18
Blissful Bubbles Brooch NEWICON Blissful Bubbles Brooch £20
Misty Rose Drop Earrings NEWICON Misty Rose Drop Earrings £20
Star Attraction Stud Earrings NEWICON Star Attraction Stud Earrings £25
Angelic Halo Pearl Stud Earrings NEWICON Angelic Halo Pearl Stud Earrings £28
Lyrical Lines Earrings NEWICON Lyrical Lines Earrings £28
Mythical Muse Bracelet NEWICON Mythical Muse Bracelet £30
Lyrical Lines Pendant NEWICON Lyrical Lines Pendant £35
Angelic Halo Pearl Pendant NEWICON Angelic Halo Pearl Pendant £40
Very Berry Leather Gloves NEWICON Very Berry Leather Gloves £40
Rose Amour Earrings NEWICON Rose Amour Earrings £50
No Shrinking Violet necklace NEWICON No Shrinking Violet necklace £55
Veiled Romance Clutch Bag NEWICON Veiled Romance Clutch Bag £60
Impressions at Dusk Necklace NEWICON Impressions at Dusk Necklace £70
Mythical Muse Necklace NEWICON Mythical Muse Necklace £70
Rose Amour Bracelet NEWICON Rose Amour Bracelet £70
Midnight Blooms Shawl NEWICON Midnight Blooms Shawl £80
Coco Pearl Necklace NEWICON Coco Pearl Necklace £90
Bee in Bloom Stud Earrings NEWICON Bee in Bloom Stud Earrings £295
Bee in Bloom Pendant NEWICON Bee in Bloom Pendant £395

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