Silver Earrings, Studs & Hoops

Fun, elegant, simple or elaborate, there's no doubt that a stunning pair of sterling silver earrings can help to take your outfit to the next level. Here at Pia, we offer a stunning selection of both dangling pendant earrings and lovely studs, with just some options including flowers, hearts, hoops, music notes, spirals and geometric shapes.

Fixings for our silver studs, silver hoops or longer silver earring styles vary between posts and hooks; use the options on the left below to narrow down your silver earrings search.

Silver Drop Earrings Silver Stud Earrings
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Raindrop Earrings
Raindrop Earrings £15.00 (30)
Dark Blue Pearl Studs
Dark Blue Pearl Studs Buy Price £10.00  £5.00 (23)
Silver Bee Studs
Silver Bee Studs £18.00 (10)
Freshwater Pearl Studs
Freshwater Pearl Studs Buy Price £15.00  £7.50 (10)
Ladybird Studs
Ladybird Studs £20.00 (5)
Elephant Studs
Elephant Studs £15.00 (11)
Opalite Studs
Opalite Studs £12.00 (19)
Teal Murano Glass Earrings
Teal Murano Glass Earrings Buy Price £45.00  £25.00 (3)
Blue Heart Studs
Blue Heart Studs £10.00 (10)
Rainy Day Studs
Rainy Day Studs £22.00 (14)
Coral & Silver Studs
Coral & Silver Studs Buy Price £22.00  £12.00 (1)
Silver Dog Earrings
Silver Dog Earrings Buy Price £25.00  £15.00 (11)
Puppy Dog Studs
Puppy Dog Studs £20.00 (1)
Pearl Swirl Studs
Pearl Swirl Studs £25.00 (18)
Turquoise Studs
Turquoise Studs £25.00 (4)
Double Amethyst Drop Earrings
Double Amethyst Drop Earrings Buy Price £28.00  £14.00 (11)
Golden Bee Studs
Golden Bee Studs £18.00 (32)
Snowflake Studs
Snowflake Studs £12.00 (33)
Double Pearl Studs
Double Pearl Studs Buy Price £22.00  £12.00 (16)
Amber Curl Studs
Amber Curl Studs £20.00 (0)
Rudolph Earrings
Rudolph Earrings £18.00 (30)
Chalcedony Studs
Chalcedony Studs £15.00 (0)
Starfish Studs
Starfish Studs £18.00 (61)
Entwined Studs
Entwined Studs £25.00 (5)
Cat Studs
Cat Studs £20.00 (8)
Pearl Blossom Studs
Pearl Blossom Studs Buy Price £22.00  £12.00 (0)
Pearl Rope Studs
Pearl Rope Studs £12.00 (1)
Beaded Bloom Earrings
Beaded Bloom Earrings Buy Price £50.00  £20.00 (0)
Pearl Disc Studs
Pearl Disc Studs £12.00 (0)
Kyanite Studs
Kyanite Studs £18.00 (53)
Silver Cat Studs
Silver Cat Studs £10.00 (8)
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