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Find a superb range of clothing and accessories on this page, including scarves, tops, sunglasses, hair accessories, pyjamas and more. Whether you're looking for clothing with a contemporary aesthetic, a pair of indulgent sunglasses or just a conversation piece, here at Pia, we've got you covered. With a range of products available in a variety of styles and colours, there will definitely be something that catches your eye.
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Painters Posy Scarf
Painters Posy Scarf Buy Price £50.00  £22.00 (1)
Desert Rose Linen Jacket
Desert Rose Linen Jacket Buy Price £145.00  £55.00 (0)
Walking on Sunshine Butterfly Twist Pumps
Walking on Sunshine Butterfly Twist Pumps Buy Price £40.00  £20.00 (1)
Skyline Embroidered Scarf
Skyline Embroidered Scarf Buy Price £55.00  £27.50 (3)
Light-footed Suede Pumps
Light-footed Suede Pumps Buy Price £75.00  £35.00 (0)
Serenity Top
Serenity Top Buy Price £90.00  £35.00 (0)
First Blush Embellished Scarf
First Blush Embellished Scarf Buy Price £90.00  £45.00 (0)
True Grace Embellished Velvet Top
True Grace Embellished Velvet Top Buy Price £165.00  £65.00 (0)
Crystal Hairband
Crystal Hairband Buy Price £30.00  £9.00 (10)
Crystal Key Hair Clips
Crystal Key Hair Clips Buy Price £30.00  £9.00 (16)
Two Together Hairslides
Two Together Hairslides Buy Price £25.00  £7.00 (2)
Squared Away Hairslides
Squared Away Hairslides Buy Price £30.00  £9.00 (2)
Pearl & Crystal Hairband
Pearl & Crystal Hairband Buy Price £85.00  £32.00 (2)
Silver-plated Hair Combs
Silver-plated Hair Combs Buy Price £15.00  £5.00 (77)
Crystal Chevron Hairband
Crystal Chevron Hairband Buy Price £35.00  £10.00 (2)
Sparkling Teardrops Hairclips
Sparkling Teardrops Hairclips Buy Price £30.00  £12.00 (1)
Wood Nymph Crystal Hairband
Wood Nymph Crystal Hairband Buy Price £30.00  £9.00 (1)
Flower Trinket Dish
Flower Trinket Dish Buy Price £10.00  £3.00 (1)
Blue Muse Linen Tunic
Blue Muse Linen Tunic Buy Price £95.00  £35.00 (0)
Dusky Rose Linen Tunic
Dusky Rose Linen Tunic Buy Price £95.00  £38.00 (1)
Peaches & Cream Jewellery Box
Peaches & Cream Jewellery Box Buy Price £70.00  £40.00 (0)
Dusky Bluebells Embellished Top
Dusky Bluebells Embellished Top Buy Price £165.00  £65.00 (0)
Wild Blue Yonder Cashmere Poncho
Wild Blue Yonder Cashmere Poncho Buy Price £180.00  £70.00 (0)
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