Winter Warmers

Time to get comfy. Cosy-up with pom-pom adorned beanie hats, covetable coats, the softest printed scarves and plenty of knitted goodness to keep you all wrapped up and warm this winter. A mix of playful styles and statement favourites ensures that you'll be merry up until Christmas and beyond.
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First Snow Pom-pom Hat NEWICON First Snow Pom-pom Hat  In stock £18
About Town Bakerboy Hat NEWICON About Town Bakerboy Hat  In stock £15
Cats at Play Hat Cats at Play Hat  In stock £18
Great Scott Pom-Pom Hat NEWICON Great Scott Pom-Pom Hat  In stock £18
Penguin Party Scarf NEWICON Penguin Party Scarf  In stock £20
Painter's Palette Scarf NEWICON Painter's Palette Scarf  In stock £35
Fluffy Feline Gloves NEWICON Fluffy Feline Gloves  In stock £25
Wrapped in Raspberry Coatigan NEWICON Wrapped in Raspberry Coatigan  In stock £195
Fluffy Feline Scarf NEWICON Fluffy Feline Scarf  In stock £40
Great Scott Gloves NEWICON Great Scott Gloves  In stock £25
Sunset Impressions Scarf NEWICON Sunset Impressions Scarf  In stock £35
5th Avenue Wool-mix Gloves NEWICON 5th Avenue Wool-mix Gloves  In stock £28
Snowman Pompom Hat Snowman Pompom Hat  In stock £18
Keep Me Toasty Socks Keep Me Toasty Socks  In stock £20
Winter Wonderland Fingerless Gloves NEWICON Winter Wonderland Fingerless Gloves  In stock £20
Winter Wonderland Fair Isle Pom-pom Hat NEWICON Winter Wonderland Fair Isle Pom-pom Hat  In stock £25
Counting Stars Scarf NEWICON Counting Stars Scarf  In stock £45
Dawn Noir Tweed Coat NEWICON Dawn Noir Tweed Coat   Last few remaining £175
Sunset Noir Tweed Coat NEWICON Sunset Noir Tweed Coat  In stock £175
Moonlit Waters Cashmere Jumper NEWICON Moonlit Waters Cashmere Jumper  In stock £195
Very Berry Leather Gloves Very Berry Leather Gloves   Last few remaining £40
Raspberry Dazzle Cashmere Jumper NEWICON Raspberry Dazzle Cashmere Jumper  In stock £195
Dawn Skies Reversible Raincoat Dawn Skies Reversible Raincoat  In stock £260
About Town Gloves NEWICON About Town Gloves   Out of stock £15

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