Spring Hues

For each new beginning, find harmony and clarity in the poetic hues of amethyst, freshwater pearl, rose quartz and blue topaz, delicately accented with silver. Explore our collection of necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, wristwear, handbags and purses awash with pastel shades.
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Lilac Longing Stud Earrings NEWICON Lilac Longing Stud Earrings £10
Bird Song Trinket Dish NEWICON Bird Song Trinket Dish £15
Praline Teardrops Pearl Drop Earrings NEWICON Praline Teardrops Pearl Drop Earrings £15
Bird Song Tea Cup NEWICON Bird Song Tea Cup £20
Emerald Dragonfly Dreams Pouch NEWICON Emerald Dragonfly Dreams Pouch £20
Misty Mountains Drop Earrings NEWICON Misty Mountains Drop Earrings £20
Pewter Dragonfly Dreams Pouch NEWICON Pewter Dragonfly Dreams Pouch £20
By Moonlight Brooch NEWICON By Moonlight Brooch £25
Opalite Stud Earrings NEWICON Opalite Stud Earrings £25
Violet Vine Slider Bracelet NEWICON Violet Vine Slider Bracelet £25
Inner Radiance Drop Earrings NEWICON Inner Radiance Drop Earrings £28
Iolite & Silver Stud Earrings NEWICON Iolite & Silver Stud Earrings £28
Misty Mountains Necklace NEWICON Misty Mountains Necklace £30
First Dawn Ring NEWICON First Dawn Ring £35
Mellow Meadows Scarf NEWICON Mellow Meadows Scarf £35
Picture Perfect Scarf NEWICON Picture Perfect Scarf £35
Dusky Blooms Robe NEWICON Dusky Blooms Robe £40
Floral Kaleidoscope Drop Earrings NEWICON Floral Kaleidoscope Drop Earrings £40
Inner Radiance Pendant NEWICON Inner Radiance Pendant £40
Sweet Pea Drop Earrings NEWICON Sweet Pea Drop Earrings £40
Sweet Pea Pendant NEWICON Sweet Pea Pendant £40
Tidal Pool Drop Earrings NEWICON Tidal Pool Drop Earrings £40
Lilac Whisper Drop Earrings NEWICON Lilac Whisper Drop Earrings £45
Love Light Drop Earrings NEWICON Love Light Drop Earrings £45

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