Gemstone Necklaces

Celebrate the versatility of colour with our gemstone necklaces. Whether you are looking for a simple silver pendant with traditional pearls, or a bold scarlet statement necklace, our range has a multitude of unique pieces. The range offers a rainbow of natural hues to perfectly compliment your outfit or create a striking symphony of colour. Our collection also includes a variety of hand-picked earrings, bracelets, watches and rings.
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Baroque Pearl Necklace Baroque Pearl Necklace £30
Cognac Curl Pendant Cognac Curl Pendant £40
Colours of Autumn Necklace Colours of Autumn Necklace £40
Purple Tones Necklace Purple Tones Necklace £40
Jasper & Rose Quartz Necklace Jasper & Rose Quartz Necklace £45
Moonlight Shadow Necklace Moonlight Shadow Necklace £45
Cherry Picked Necklace Cherry Picked Necklace £50
Kingfisher's Wing Pendant Kingfisher's Wing Pendant £50
Come Full Circle Necklace Come Full Circle Necklace £55
Mother-of-pearl Tree Pendant Mother-of-pearl Tree Pendant £55
Northern Lights Pendant Northern Lights Pendant £55
Silver & Pearl Necklace Silver & Pearl Necklace £60
Golden Brown Necklace SALEPROMOICON Golden Brown Necklace £125 £75
Amethyst & Diamond Pendant Amethyst & Diamond Pendant £85
Garnet Droplet Pendant Garnet Droplet Pendant £95
Gold & Amethyst Pendant Gold & Amethyst Pendant £95
Opal Teardrop Pendant Opal Teardrop Pendant £95
Amethyst Heavenly Drop Pendant Amethyst Heavenly Drop Pendant £100
Blue Topaz Heavenly Drop Pendant Blue Topaz Heavenly Drop Pendant £100
Gold & Sapphire Pendant Gold & Sapphire Pendant £100
Organic Amber Necklace Organic Amber Necklace £100
Phosphorescent Flow Necklace Phosphorescent Flow Necklace £100
Ruby & Diamond Pendant Ruby & Diamond Pendant £100
Dusky Skies Amethyst Pendant Dusky Skies Amethyst Pendant £110

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