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Glimmer of Serenity Necklace NEWICON Glimmer of Serenity Necklace  In stock £35
Island Breeze Silver Earrings NEWICON Island Breeze Silver Earrings  In stock £35
Island Breeze Silver Pendant NEWICON Island Breeze Silver Pendant  In stock £35
Petit Trois Stud Earrings Petit Trois Stud Earrings  In stock £15
Perpetual Motion Necklace Perpetual Motion Necklace  In stock £35
Petit Trois Pendant Petit Trois Pendant  In stock £18
New Wave Two-tone Hoop Earrings New Wave Two-tone Hoop Earrings Pre-Order £28
Noir Savoir-Faire Watch ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Noir Savoir-Faire Watch  In stock £45
Moonstone Maze Ring Moonstone Maze Ring  In stock £50
Inseparable Spirits Silver Ring Inseparable Spirits Silver Ring   Last few remaining £25
Wish Upon a Star Pendant ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Wish Upon a Star Pendant   Out of stock £30
My Lucky Star Silver Bracelet ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE My Lucky Star Silver Bracelet   Out of stock £25
Ripple Effect Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Ripple Effect Necklace   Out of stock £30
Bold Statement Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Bold Statement Necklace   Out of stock £30
Midnight Blooms Leather Watch ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Midnight Blooms Leather Watch   Out of stock £45
Mantra Cuff ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Mantra Cuff   Out of stock £55