In your element

Connect deeply with nature and explore your spirit of adventure with free-spirited styles melding together tactile, organic forms with pure tones. A daily touchstone for this busy world, find the perfect piece to calm, revive or inspire
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Moroccan Mirage Drop Earrings Moroccan Mirage Drop Earrings Pre-Order £12
Play It By Ear Stud Earrings Play It By Ear Stud Earrings Pre-Order £15
Endearing Elephants Ring Holders Endearing Elephants Ring Holders  In stock £18
Tranquil Seas Earrings Tranquil Seas Earrings  In stock £20
Turquoise Teardrop Earrings Turquoise Teardrop Earrings  In stock £20
Neptune Seas Drop Earrings Neptune Seas Drop Earrings  In stock £18
Free Spirit Necklace Free Spirit Necklace  In stock £45
Moroccan Mirage Necklace Moroccan Mirage Necklace  In stock £35
Talisman of Queens Turquoise Necklace Talisman of Queens Turquoise Necklace  In stock £120
Atlantic Depths Leather Bag Atlantic Depths Leather Bag  In stock £50
Tranquil Talisman Elephant Pendant Tranquil Talisman Elephant Pendant  In stock £22
Moonstone Maze Ring Moonstone Maze Ring Limited availability £50
Jewelled Depths Ring Jewelled Depths Ring Limited availability £60
Marron Glacé Bag Marron Glacé Bag   Last few remaining £160
Barrier Reef Ring Barrier Reef Ring  In stock £55
Off the Beaten Path Leather Bag Off the Beaten Path Leather Bag   Last few remaining £75
Golden Sails Drop Earrings Golden Sails Drop Earrings  In stock £25
Golden Sails Pendant Golden Sails Pendant  In stock £35
Sunset Shore Necklace Sunset Shore Necklace  In stock £50
Etruscan Tan Leather Cross-Body Bag Etruscan Tan Leather Cross-Body Bag  In stock £80
Arizona Oasis Necklace Arizona Oasis Necklace  In stock £115
Elemental Gems Pendant Elemental Gems Pendant  In stock £135
Gilded Chimes Drop Earrings Gilded Chimes Drop Earrings   Last few remaining £50
Sea Spray Necklace Sea Spray Necklace  In stock £50

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