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Treasures Untold Necklace Treasures Untold Necklace   Last few remaining £45
Beachcomber Earrings Beachcomber Earrings  In stock £25
Paradise Shore Shell Earrings Paradise Shore Shell Earrings  In stock £18
Shimmering Depths Crystal Earrings ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Shimmering Depths Crystal Earrings Pre-Order £18
Divine Inspiration Pearl Necklace Divine Inspiration Pearl Necklace  In stock £90
Shallow Water Starfish Brooch ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Shallow Water Starfish Brooch  In stock £18
Islands in the Stream Shell Necklace Islands in the Stream Shell Necklace Pre-Order £30
Beachcomber Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Beachcomber Necklace  In stock £45
Siren Song Necklace Siren Song Necklace   Last few remaining £50
Seaside Soirée Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Seaside Soirée Necklace Pre-Order £60
Spirit Of The Sea Necklace Spirit Of The Sea Necklace  In stock £85
Fira Freshwater Pearl Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Fira Freshwater Pearl Necklace  In stock £50
Sandy Shores Tote Bag Sandy Shores Tote Bag  In stock £50