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  1. How do I set up my wish list?
  2. I've forgotten my password.
  3. The site doesn't fit onto my screen. How do I remove the horizontal scrollbar?
  4. What are cookies?

How do I set up my wish list?

On every product, you will see an 'Add to wish list' button (next to the add to basket button). If you haven't done so already, simply register or login, then click on the button and the item will be added to your wish list. You can add more products from any product page you visit.

Your wish list has its own unique address, which you can share with family and friends as a hint to make sure they get you the perfect present! Either copy and paste the address, or click the 'Share my wish list' button. It couldn't be easier.

You can manage your wish list for the 'My account' section, or use the quick link to 'My wish list' that's at the top of every page.

I've forgotten my password

Simply click on the forgotten password link on the login page and we will email you details of how to change your password.

For security reasons we do not have access to customer log in details and therefore cannot give you this information over the phone or by email.

The site doesn't fit onto my screen. How do I remove the horizontal scrollbar?

Pia's website is designed to display on screens set to a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. If you are seeing a horizontal scrollbar you are either:
  • not viewing the site with the browser set to fill the screen, or
  • your screen is set to a reduced screen resolution, such as 800 x 600 pixels.
To check and/or change your screen resolution on a PC:
  • right-click your mouse on your desktop
  • select the 'Settings' tab in the Display Properties window
  • check what the screen resolution slider is displaying; if you need to change your resolution, move the slider to '1024 by 768 pixels' or more.

What are cookies?

When you visit certain web pages, tiny text files, or ‘Cookies’, may be stored on your computer. Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, are usually defaulted to accept cookies. If you wish to switch this off, you can do so in the preferences section of your browser.

Pia uses cookies, for example to remember what you have in your basket, or to recommend particular products or offers you might be interested in. Full details are given in our Privacy policy. You need to have cookies enabled in order to purchase from Pia or to set up an account with us. Without enabling cookies, you can still browse, but there may be some parts of the site which won’t work properly.

We also have relationships with selected suppliers who may also set cookies during your visit in order that we can remarket our products to you at other times. For example, after you have visited our website you may see a Pia advert on an independent site that accepts advertising.

Please note: Pia cookies and those of our suppliers cannot harm your computer. We do not store any information in cookies that could identify you personally; we do not store credit card details in cookies.

For full details about the cookies we use on the site and how you can manage them, please click here.

Some suppliers have subscribed to the Network Advertising Initiative. This website easily shows you if cookies from registered suppliers are on your computer, and allows you to opt out. Pia cannot guarantee that our suppliers have registered to this service, and are not responsible for the content of non-Pia websites.
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