Hats, Scarves, Wraps & Gloves

Keeping warm never looked so good! Our gorgeous range of hats, super soft scarves and gloves will keep you stylish and snug in the coldest of winters, and see you through the chilly days of Summer too!

Find out how to measure your glove size to get the best fit for you.

Looking for an elegant hair clip or a fascinator for a special occasion?
Our hand-picked hair accessories are just the ticket.
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Fox Scarf
Fox Scarf £25.00 (7)
Velvet Bow Gloves
Velvet Bow Gloves £25.00 (16)
Bumblebee Scarf
Bumblebee Scarf £28.00 (15)
Dandelion Scarf
Dandelion Scarf £28.00 (2)
Velvet Bow Beret
Velvet Bow Beret £22.00 (4)
Velvet Bow Scarf
Velvet Bow Scarf £40.00 (7)
Cat Print Scarf
Cat Print Scarf £25.00 (0)
Ivy Scarf Holder
Ivy Scarf Holder £18.00 (15)
Stripe Knit Hat
Stripe Knit Hat £25.00 (0)
Red Floral Scarf
Red Floral Scarf £70.00 (4)
Waves Wool Scarf
Waves Wool Scarf £90.00 (0)
Bird Print Scarf
Bird Print Scarf £28.00 (0)
Moth Print Scarf
Moth Print Scarf £28.00 (0)
Charcoal Stole
Charcoal Stole £50.00 (1)
Forest Scarf
Forest Scarf £30.00 (0)
Mandala Scarf
Mandala Scarf £30.00 (0)
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