Gemstone Necklaces

Make a statement with our gemstone necklaces! We have everything from diamond necklaces to amber pendants. Whether it's simple gemstone pendants or a set of statement stones you'll discover a range of styles and designs from designers like Coralia Leets, exclusive to us and no gemstone is the same so add something unique to your style.
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Semi-precious Ruby Necklace
Semi-precious Ruby Necklace Buy Price £39.00  £18.00 (2)
Moonshadow Pendant
Moonshadow Pendant Buy Price £79.00  £55.00 (0)
Semi-precious Lapis Necklace
Semi-precious Lapis Necklace Buy Price £39.00  £18.00 (3)
Red Opalite Star Necklace
Red Opalite Star Necklace Buy Price £29.00  £12.00 (0)
Moonstone Talisman Necklace
Moonstone Talisman Necklace Buy Price £139.00  £49.00 (1)
Amethyst Quartz Pendant
Amethyst Quartz Pendant Buy Price £139.00  £55.00 (0)
Blue Apatite Quartz Pendant
Blue Apatite Quartz Pendant Buy Price £139.00  £55.00 (0)
Cranberry Quartz Pendant
Cranberry Quartz Pendant Buy Price £139.00  £65.00 (1)
Showing 24 out of 35 items 1 2 Next > Show All
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