Fair Trade Silver Jewellery from North America

Unique silver jewellery engraved with fun and heartfelt inscriptions has long been popular with Pia customers.

Handmade by silversmiths in a cottage industry setting, the production of this Fair Trade silver jewellery may begin with an emotion, a joke or an experience, but goes much further in supporting the development and maintenance of the local communities where it is produced.

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Just some of the things that purchases of Fair Trade silver jewellery go towards:
  • investment in equipment for the artisans that produce it that would not typically be available.
  • artisan access to free training workshops, on new techniques as well as addressing safety considerations.
  • interest free loans to artisans to invest in their own business or for personal use.
  • the support and reward of artisan children when they perform well in school.
Artisan training workshop
Artisans involved in the production of Pia's Fair Trade silver message jewellery Fair Trade helps men and women earn a living wage while working in their community, rather than migrating to distant factories and living in urban slums. It is intended to reduce unemployment and poverty, while supporting healthy communities and families.
By investing in the future of the artisans who produce our silver jewellery, we are pleased to help safeguard their future livelihood, as well as preserving the tradition of the silversmith for their children.
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